The Carrie Diaries

Meet Carrie Bradshaw. A 16 year old who’s mother passed away to cancer, sister Doritt who is in her worst teenage rebellious stage, and their father, Tom, who finds it hard to take responsibility taking care of not one but two teenage girls on his own.

The first season is based on Carrie’s junior year of high school in 1984 whilst interning at a law firm in Manhattan, New York.  Sebastian, the new guy starting high school brings butterflies to Carrie whilst she feels her life should be heading in a different direction.

Her mother’s bag was transformed into a chic bag with the use of nail polishes and with that being said, Larissa spotted her straight away. Larissa, the style editor for Interview Magazine then shows her around and introduces her to a world she’s always dreamt about where Carrie falls in love with the most important man in her life – MANHATTAN.

With only the Pilot being aired on the 14th January 2013, on the CW, the show has been talked about all over twitter and on any other social network.

Watch the Trailer now and you will be hooked on this new season! (If you love Sex and the City you will love this!) Photo Sources: