Change – How Bad Can It Be?

I’ve always been terrified of the fact that something familiar will change, at least up until very recently when we were forced to make a rather big change in our lives and it got me thinking that well – it wasn’t so bad after all, in fact it got me excited about the fact that life never stops and happiness has nothing to do with age or how well you stick to what society wants.

The only time it stops is when you allow it to become predictable and dull – and who wants that at the end of the day?

Sometimes when life moves on without too much hassle and you’ve had the same hair-color for the past 10 years, you end up feeling a bit bored and frustrated from time to time, but to openly complain can come off as a bit greedy and spoilt, so it seems a lot of people continue the same way as before – because why would you invite change when things are ok?

Well, simply because changes, small or big, can make a big positive difference in your life and being scared of that is probably more scary than change itself!

Here are some ideas if you are up for a difference:

  • Unclutter your home – never underestimate how light and different you feel after organizing and clearing out all the things and clothes that you never use. Give to charity or throw away what’s not in a good condition anymore!
  • Unhappy where you live or work? Maybe there’s no chance of a change but if there is – don’t think about what others have to say, it’s what you want.
  • Pay attention to your habits and reactions; why do you always say no to certain things and yes to others? Because you’ve always done that? Try to think for a second next time you are faced with a decision, do you answer out of habit or because you’ve actually stopped to think about what you want now? It could be anything from saying yes to the waiter when they ask if you want fresh pepper, to saying no when you’re asked to take part in a competition.
  • Change something about your looks, hair or wardrobe. Decide to go for something you’ve thought about but never tried because ‘it’s not you’. Just like times change, so do you. Just because it was your style or size some years ago doesn’t mean you need to stick to it forever!
  • Create a new habit; push yourself to get up 30 mins earlier every morning to do some exercise, or take 5 mins daily to see what bothers you and be determined to change it!

Maybe there’s no direct result but keep at it – it’s worth it when you see results!

Hope it helps, just don’t get too excited now and book a crazy adventure trip or something ;) (or why not?) / L