Age difference in relationships

Mr & Mrs Hefner

It seems that those in “age difference” relationships have few issues with the difference. It is those around them who pass judgement.

What attracts men and women to younger or older partners? Sometimes it reflects something missing in earlier life, i.e. the younger woman may be attracted to the older man as she did not have a father-figure around when she was younger, but more often she will find the immature mind of the men of her own age to be less attractive than the mature mind and courtesy of the older man. He may have less sexual energy than the young man, but will know how to please and to treat a woman in more subtle ways than animal passion only, and to give deeper satisfaction all-round.

The older man is often criticised for taking the “younger model”. Physical attraction is important but is just a first stage. A young-at-heart man will find that some women ten years younger than himself have the mind-set and attitude of his mother. His young-at-heart mind needs a similar young-at-heart mind to connect with, regardless of body age.

With age should come wisdom, with intelligence being an attractive quality, not only physical appearance. Older women attract younger men, boosting their self-esteem and happiness.

Of course the younger partner may end up becoming the carer, but when the souls connect deeply they can enjoy many special years together before that time.