I’m Going To Be a Mother! (Part1)


I’m going to be a mother! Yay! So – what now? A mother-to-be needs to take special care with her health and well-being.Every woman in the family, friends or work circle will have very important advice for you. Do not let people confuse you – listen to their tips but do your own thinking. It is your body that you should listen to right now.

Are you a working woman always in a rush? From now on wake up 30 minutes earlier. Use this additional time to organize your day and plan your menu for the entire day so that you have healthy snacks on you, when baby makes you crave a bite or when you are too busy to eat a proper meal. Breathe in and out deeply whenever you feel tensed, and find time for Pregnancy Pilates or Yoga to prepare your body for labour.

Are you a housewife? Probably you think about everybody else but yourself. That has to change now! Everyday organize quality time for you and your developing baby. It could be anything: listening to music and dancing to it, self-massaging your skin using a balm of your choice (make sure it is safe for the foetus), walking and breathing in deeply fresh air.