Your Guide to Design 2013 Part 1 – History and Past Trends in Design.

Victorian Interiors: 60's Wacky Style by Karim Rashid 60's Wacky Style by Karim Rashid 60's Wacky Style by Karim Rashid 60's Wacky Style by Karim Rashid: Today's popular choice - Minimal Design Shabby Chic Hollywood Regency - Inspired by movie sets

Just as fashion predicts trends for the coming year, so does design.

I’m pretty sure that all of you out there aware of your surroundings have realised that times have changed, even in the world of interiors.

Two generations ago what we now call antiques were the trend, with the solid, polished wood, curvy furniture and brass beds. Then it was their children who sped through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s where interiors were just as wacky as their outfits!

This time round, design has become much more functional, practical and minimal. Nowadays it is the trend to enjoy Zen design, focusing on straight lines and less fuss.

Although throughout the years design has changed, along with our lifestyle, it is true that history does indeed repeat itself. Some of us out there enjoy vintage clothes shops, or the ‘hippie style’, which was introduced in the 60’s. Again, this is similar when it comes to design.

Although in Malta we have preferred to stick to the minimal Italian design, there are other styles that are very popular such as Shabby Chic and my personal favourite, Hollywood Regency.

Hollywood Regency originated in the 1930’s, when the glam days of movie stars had just begun. Actresses such as Rita Hayworth were first spotted on the silver screen with a movie set of glam, luxury and mirror galore!

Nowadays Hollywood Regency is incredibly popular, especially in the United States. Spaces are decorated with rich geometric fabrics, tufted furniture and a lot of brass!

If you have any questions about interiors or need some advice on your own space, write it in the comments box below.

Upcoming trends for the year will be featured in Part 2.