DIY: Valentine’s Day Candles

Valentine’s day is close and have you thought about what to get your loved one yet? Thinking about setting the “lovely dinner” with some rose petals and dimming the light for that romantic scene? Look no further, some DIY Candles could just help the mood.

Using any colour of wax, you can cut out any shape and any size you want.


2 sheets of coloured beeswax (you can use any colour)

Glitter (any type will do)

Toothpicks (or bamboo skewers for a longer handle)

Candle wicks

Mini Cookie cutters (for valentines day, I would go for Hearts)

Spray adhesive

How to make them:

Using the cookie cutter, cut an even number of little shapes out of the sheets of coloured beeswax. Lay them flat and place a toothpick on the bottom half of each one, so about one-forth is on the wax and the rest of the toothpick is “sticking out.” Then, place a small candle wick on the top half of each wax heart. Put another shape over the toothpick and the candle wick and press down using your fingers so they stick together.

To add glitter, place candle sticks on parchment paper. Cover the wick and the stick portion with a paper towel or paper. Spray one side with the spray adhesive. Immediately sprinkle glitter over the sticky side and let dry for at least 30 minutes.

Once they are dry, you can place them wherever you choose! My recommendation would be in cups, cakes or even cupcakes!