Survival and replication

koi yin yang

Two elements drive the human species’ survival and replication: Yin/Yang and Self-Protection/Pro-Creation.

Under close enough scrutiny every single action is motivated by one force or the other. Of course, consciousness transcends the interpretation of the action, however, the intrinsic urge from within is triggered by one or the other force.

Each individual possesses both, however its expression is determined by biology. Biology affects the perception behind the action. Life is about balance, and balancing both forces is paramount if fulfillment is the ultimate objective. Stress is built when one or the other or both forces are repressed.

Repression triggers sadness, sadness triggers depression, depression triggers rage, rage triggers madness, madness…takes different forms.

Take a f***** reality check – What is it you see around you? How do you feel? Which stage are you constantly in?

Is the behaviour you are engaging in addressing your primitive callings or do you delay its action with “artificial sweeteners”?

Delaying is futile; ultimately you have to “cash in the chips”. So is there a solution? Yes.

Do you want the good news? You don’t have to pay for it. The bad news, you have to work for it. Quick fixes don’t and never will work and it creates the habit of dependency, in the long run… it is not financially viable and you’re back to square one. Actually you’ll just feel worse as the illusion of “feeling better” leads to a cold realization. DISAPPOINTMENT. So what’s the solution? I’m going to break it down for you:

Step 1. Get rid of “herd mentality”, in life you stand a better chance opposing mass appeal than following it. It’s the nature of freedom and True Independence.

Step 2. What is it you fantasize about? What excites you? What gives you a rush? What makes you blush? Is it “physiologically” healthy or will it add on to the neurosis? Find the frequency where the emotion finds expression but does not affect other areas. Do find the frequency and keep fine-tuning.

Step 3. You don’t need one, you possess all the resources available already. The answers are from within, the external is just “confirmation”.

That should do for the day.

(to be continued)…