New Year Resolution: Fitness

With all the festivities out of the way, New Year resolutions are made. The most common on the list is “fitness”. Every year, a lot of us are determined to get in shape, the most common reason being slimming down after all the food and chocolate we ate during the festive season .

Unfortunately not all of us keep the resolution as some start and never finish and give up. Keep in mind that it is a new year and you should push yourself to make sure you stick to it.

Having support from family, friends and work colleagues always gives a boost to your confidence, strengthening your ambitions to succeed and pull through any task or project. January is a very popular month were a lot of gym registrations are made – are you one of them? Then do your very best to stick to your fitness schedule. We know only too well that if one session is missed, the likely-hood of quitting completely or procrastinating until your gym membership actually runs out increases.

Key tasks you should always remember are:

  1. Drink as much water as you can each and every day and ditch the fizzy drinks.
  2. Set a diary with your daily intake and take note of calories.
  3. Add fruit to your daily food intake instead of picking up a chocolate bar.
  4. Eat small portions regularly through out the day with a snack in between.


You have to feel comfortable in your own skin.