Let’s Talk Hair- Getting the Right Fringe to Suit Your Face Shape!

The Round Face:If you have a round face avoid wearing full fringes as this will only make your face look rounder. Instead opt for wispy side long fringes which will help make your face look oval rather than round. The Square Face: Long, eye-grazing bangs that are tapered on the sides add a soft element to square face shapes. Ask your stylist to snip them just below the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces on the sides so they don’t mask your eyes. The center strands can be feathery as a little forehead peeking through is ideal. The Heart Face: A heart shaped face can be top heavy, side swept fringes are ideal, as they give a softer look to your face shape and draws attention downwards towards your eyes. The Oval Face: The Oval face shape is considered as being the perfect face shape and therefore any fringe style and hairstyle will look fantastic. The Oblong Face: Fringes for oblong face shapes are usually a must have, especially if you have the larger sized forehead as most oblong faces do. The thick blunt fringe is perfect for this face shape.

A fringe is perfect for anyone looking to change his hairstyle without any major haircuts involved or serious dye jobs. However, a fringe can literally make or break your look.

Before opting for a fringe you should always figure out your face shape. Identifying the shape of your face can be a complex job however here is a simple trick which might help.

Stand in front of your mirror in a well lit room, pull your hair back and wear a band to make sure that all your hair is away from your face, cover one eye by placing your hand over it. With your other free hand trace the outline of your face onto the mirror using a white board marker. You now have the outline of your face shape sketched onto your mirror. Your next step is to compare the outline you have to the following shapes: (refer to images)

Remember that when choosing the right fringe for your face shape you should always try to achieve an Oval look, this is considered as being the perfect face shape.