When it comes to self-defense it is paramount to understand exactly the concept we are talking about. There are many schools of thought and one is spoiled for choice when looking for reasons why one style is superior to an other.

All styles have their strengths and philosophies, but that is not the question at hand. When you look at the word, self-defense, the premise already puts you at a disadvantage as the perception is that you are already under attack. In real life street situations…this kind of thinking gets you maimed, raped, mugged or possibly killed. Let me explain further.

In street situations the chances are that it’s a surprise attack, everybody thinks this can’t be happening to me…until it is actually happening and it’s too damn late. Now put yourself in that position – imagine you are alone and it’s not one perpetrator? What’s your physiology going to be like?

For a first, it’s already a surprise = shock. Secondly, it’s more than one perpetrator = panic. Now tell me, would you have the time or the peace of mind to assume a stance and go Bruce Lee on them? Fat f***** chance.

This is not a movie – there is no “re-takes” and there are no “cuts”. Your body is going to be shaking, your heart-rate sky rockets, your breathing is going to be heavy and your thinking faculties are momentarily halted and this is happening in a matter of seconds.

Now putting yourself in this position is that Hollywood-super-fancy-killer technique going to work? You tell me.

So what to do? First and foremost, understand the nature of your perpetrator. A perpetrator is anyone accosting you, wanting something from you and is willing to use force to get it, no matter what it is. This puts the perpetrator as a predator so the mindset is a “hunting” mind-set.

Secondly, chances are that he/she is used to it, meaning they’ve done it before, so their expectancy is that they’re getting what they want. They also expect you to do nothing about it – most people are sheep (prey). Now if it were a wallet or money that they want, I’d say f*** it don’t risk you life over anything of material value. However…if it’s something else they want…then they intend to inflict physical harm – and this is where you need to change the whole ball game. If it gets down to this you need to reverse the role and access your own “predator” mindset.

Imagine a cornered rat. A rat won’t attack if he’s got a chance of escape but once cornered…you need to learn how to access the viciousness, any means necessary for the survival killer-instinct to kick in, embedded in all of us. The tools (fight style, keys, hard objects etc) used are entirely your choice, however keep in mind three things.

S.A.S. Surprise. Aggression. Speed. The best defense is offense and the attack must be sized up – imagine a cross-hair (pin-point a precise target) in sensitive areas – eyes, throat, neck (leaving the groin area for last strike) and unleash a relentless attack with quick repetitive strikes. You have now reversed the roles, it is the perpetrator who is shocked and in a panic as this wasn’t expected.

In conclusion, if you want to learn how to swim you need to familiarize yourself with the sea, if you want to protect yourself…you need to get used to the pressure. Lesson one – over and out.