Jewellery for a Cause

the GREAT Bangle

Jewellery is not just something lovely to look at and enjoy wearing. Apart from adding bling to our daily lives, it can also help in a special way. As happened quite recently at London’s very own Corinthia Hotel (a proud Maltese landmark in this great city), wherein the Royal Penthouse set the scene for the launch of the Boodles GREAT Bangle.

Boodles have been selling jewellery in London since 1798 and the bangle was designed by British designer Rebecca Hawkins. GREAT is an acronym for Gender, Rights, Equality, Action, Trust, so that the GREAT Bangle will help raise funds to support women who need to fight for their rights around the world in countries or regions where these rights are ignored.

The charity owes its origins to two very special founders –  two very special women – Mariella Frostrup and Karen Ruimy. Born in Norway, Frostrup is a highly respected and popular British journalist and TV presenter who is well known for her association with the arts. Ruimy was born in Morocco and raised in Paris to become a high-flying banking professional who eventually moved on to become what she dreamt of being – a musician, performer, author and charity organiser.

The GREAT Bangle comes in a silver version being sold at £220 and a diamond version being sold at £10,000. It is available for sale online at