Colour in Design

Peacock blue interiors.. Inspiration from a Roberto Cavalli dress.. Inspiration from a Roberto Cavalli dress..

If you are looking to give your walls a new splash of colour, or maybe need to perk up a particular room, you may be having some problems figuring out what colour schemes to use.

In Malta, we can be quite reserved when it comes to the use of colour in our homes. We tend to use a lot of monochrome schemes, black, white and greys. Although these colours can be very calming and contemporary, one can still be a little brave and add some spice to the space!

If the thought of this seems a little daunting, here is how to do it. Find inspiration in the following areas: nature and fashion.

Lets start with nature. God has done no wrong when designing earth, and this includes the colours chosen when creating animals; let’s say, the peacock. The hues and tones in the bird’s feathers work well together, this can be reciprocated in your home!

Fashion is another area where one can gain inspiration for colour schemes. Look at the patterns of a dress and the different colours used, and you will be amazed at how well they work together in your home. If you have thought of a particular scheme already but are unsure of how it will look, imagine yourself wearing those colours in an outfit, and you should start to see the result more clearly!

So whether you are looking to add bold accent colours or go all the way and give your space a completely new feel, there is inspiration all around you – all you need to do is look!

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