New Year Resolution: Save

Think a little about the word “Save”, does it ring a bell? For some of you it might be your loans that still need to be paid off, others might think they are going crazy in this sale period buying clothing and shoes and should back off a little.

Most of you look back on 2012 and say “Gosh I spent a huge lump of money” and you really want to be a bit more cautious this year. In true honesty, IT IS possible. For instance you can save a lot of money by putting aside a small amount of cash every month or even have a goal you would like to reach in a years’ time.


Buy a moneybox; any cent is precious to this jar. You could be surprised how much you could save in a years’ time.

Key ways to help you save:

DO NOT purchase the first clothing item you see, instead look around for a bargain, as you will be surprised what you could find in little boutiques.

DO put some money aside each month.

DO NOT eat out if you can cook up a healthy warm meal instead of take-outs.

DO purchase any items that you need and will benefit you.

DO NOT purchase “wanted” items that aren’t really needed in your daily life, that you would use only occasionally or have limited use.