It’s the festive season and you are/were meant to be obviously ‘merry’ but is it really so? If one asked me this last year, the answer would have exaggeratedly been I’m having the time of my life, but don’t ask me this year!


Today I have come to realise that I’m in a very different place 12 months down the line. This realization came to be since I’m at work (when most of my friends are on shut-down) listening to Impossible by Arthur James ad nauseaum (poor colleagues of mine since I can’t be asked to put on my ear plugs).

Take a listen:

Okay, if you did – sorry for making you listen to a very ‘merry’ song.

If you didn’t – then you may not understand this article since it depicts my ‘merry’ state.

Enough trying to convince you, EVE readers, to listen to this song. I’m sure that 91.7 will soon start airing it in a continuous manner, as only Magic Radio knows how to, so you’ll unintentionally listen to it.

So yes it is meant to be a ‘merry’ time of the year but for many it’s not. Reasons:

  1. Loss of a loved one – working at hospital I see people die during the ‘festive’ period; broken families; dusty relationships, etc.
  2. Money gushes out and during these hard pressed times, come on admit it, that it is felt – I certainly did feel it when on Christmas Eve I paid  Euro 9.00 just for parking my car (so much so that two days later I’m writing about it here to, hopefully, get it completely out of my system).
  3. Lack of sleep – too many events, parties, catching up on Maltese living away from mainland, family gatherings, and please note, all the latter accompanied by loads of rich food and alcohol. As I’m writing this I actually start feeling disgusted at myself especially with all the C2H5OH I have been imbibing these last few days! Not that I am an ardent drinker because people close to me do know that Diet Coke is my ultimate preferred drink even when we’re partying till the early morning hours, yet during this time of the year it is a little difficult for people to accept my Diet Coke compulsion, hence alcohol conquers!
  4. The last and critical reason, at least to me, is that at times like these there is a huge contrast to the ‘merry’ state we are all made to feel, to what we are actually feeling (which to be honest at times is an actual deep sadness). People talk about feeling the Christmas spirit which I truly haven’t felt this year, although I did try very much, so much so, that in tired mode I accepted to go shopping in Sliema with my cousin. Yet, the only spirit I could feel was on Christmas Eve when I had far too many a Cosmo. There’s this pressure to be happy when I may not necessarily be at that moment. Then on a random November Friday night at Charles Grech and Whiskey Bar, Valletta (both bars contact the EVE office please to pay for publicity – I am obviously joking – having said that, a big hi to Kurt of Whiskey Bar since you are always ever so nice to me and my gfs) I had the time on my life. It may have been the Honda effect (hehehehe) but honestly it is simply going out with no expectation of anything (not that I have too many ‘Great Expectations’ nowadays) and just simply having a dazzling night out! Sorry to sound clichéd and a total downer, but I’m stating what I feel. And sorry to disappoint the pseudo-optimists, but many people feel this way – they just don’t say it to your face like I do.

Anyway my advice (not professional in the least) is that the best way to cope is to just ride out the festive season and no, you do not necessarily need to feel ‘merry’. Remember there is me out there somewhere who isn’t hehehe. Just go with the flow; attend most of the events and when the going gets tough always remember that like everything else in life there is an end… and yes NYE 2012 came along and is GAME OVER. Or will it, since we are truly in the middle of winter and there is a low that invariably depicts sadness in Malta! (Sorry guys but I’m a summer girl so winter is certainly not my favourite mince pie!)

To conclude, I wish myself and all you EVE readers a DAZZLING 2013. I’m hopeful for the latter since for me 2012 couldn’t get any worse, hence rendering it an IMPOSSIBLE year to handle! Enjoy and be good!… NEVER