My New Year Resolution for 2013

Life moves pretty fast, don’t you think? Someone once said ‘if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it‘ – but to stop and think about where you’re heading is sometimes more tricky than it seems.

I rushed to open the front door as my son was knocking to come in after playing with his friend, back to the kitchen to check on the food, passing the laptop with my blog-post half done, remembered my nails needed TLC, looked at some new scented candles waiting to be lit and quickly browsed through a spa brochure for a treatment.

Where do you aim your focus when daily life looks like that?

I want to be a super mum, I want to look after my health and looks really well, I want a beautifully decorated house and I want to be like the women on Food Network.

Well – I’m not. I’m a great mum, sure, but with the rest of the stuff I’m good, sometimes great, but I’m not the super-uber-woman who manages to fullfil the needs in every corner.

When you realise this, or rather come to terms with the fact that you have to choose one area where you focus more of your energy than other areas – that is when you get confused, and probably ask yourself why the hell you stopped to think in the first place.

That’s where I am right now – in the land of confusion, and finding a way out of this energy-consuming land is going to be my New Years resolution for 2013.

I think you’ll feel a lot better when you accept that you have to let go somewhere.

You will never manage to control or master everything around you, so becoming more confident in one or two areas will make you feel more complete, than doing many things in a half-hearted manner.

That’s my one resolution, finding out what makes me happier than anything else, creating a way to make it part of everyday life and letting go of smaller things. And yes, maybe watch a little less E-channel and Food Network!

What’s yours? I would love to hear of something unusual, rather than the common quit smoking, lose weight or save money ;o)