Christine Mifsud, Istanbul Liz Katrin Mari Pavia Katrin Mari Pavia Katrin Mari Pavia Karl Bonnici Christine Mifsud, Istanbul

Many of us dream of making it to the top, to be part of  glamorous events, wear high heels, have our make-up and hair done, wear designer gowns and walk down a red carpet! Only few manage to accomplish this and make it into the world of modelling.

Have you got what it takes to be a model? Are you ambitious, do you like to travel and meet new people? Would you like to have the confidence, show off the physique you work so hard for? Modelling actually gives you the opportunity to travel around the world for international events, visit many places that otherwise might be too expensive to visit and you would get to do various modelling assignments which we are not accustomed to on the local scene.

Testimony to this are models Christine Mifsud and Katrin Mari Pavia. Christine Mifsud travelled no less than 9 times for international beauty pageants and modelling competitions from Cyprus to Bulgaria, to Vietnam, to Turkey, which gave her the opportunity to create a huge network of friends and contacts. Katrin Mari Pavia is a Gozitan girl who travelled twice to China placing among the top fifteen models in an international event, Antalya Turkey where she placed second, to Italy, Czech Republic and more where they had the opportunity to grace the international catwalks and actually win some of these international events.

The next one could be you! It takes a lot of commitment and hardwork but determination and perseverance will get you to the top. If you think you have the physique, the standard height, and love fashion modelling this could be the start of a new you! Modelling gives you confidence and helps with shyness, makes you become more independent and assertive, and arms you with the know-how for approaching people to get job interviews. It could eventually lead you to getting parts in television series, music videos and commercials.

Make your New Year resolution. Get into modelling! It is a world of glitz and glamour! And red carpet treatment! There are many international opportunities, for male, female, teens, married people who would like do that something different and feel good about themselves.

But beware of scams! Always take professional advise first!