Top Destinations for the Year 2013

Lefkada Oxford Street Burma Rio de Janeiro New Zealand

The beginning of any new year brings many promises and resolutions, and I hope yours, like mine, will include many travel plans. Read below as I summarize the travel trends for the year 2013.  Pick your choice and start saving, I’ve already noted down a few places!

Many travel forecasters usually predict their insights on what’s going to be hot by keeping in mind what happened in 2012. People will travel yet again in 2013, despite crises, reporters state that a total of one billion tourists have explored the globe last year. The majority of  travelers opt for all-inclusive breaks, adding self-catering to the formula.


Let’s start with the most obvious. Europe will always be a popular destination with the Maltese. Greece and Cyprus attract many tourists looking for package holidays, something easy and carefree – simply beach and sun. Spain is becoming a big destination for us due to the fact that we have a low cost airline which flies to three cities in Spain and flights can be as cheap as €30.  Similarly Marseille is also being looked into, apart from it being European city of culture in 2013, it’s a stepping stone for those wanting to drive around the French Riviera. Turkey is expected to be popular too.  Finally, Croatia – already a popular choice – will join the European Union next year, putting it in the spotlight.


2012 saw the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in London, and this has certainly been a popular destination last year, yet it will always be sought-after by us as a spot to shop or visit relatives or friends.


It looks like Thailand, which has been a consistent destination for young, adventurous travellers, together with Burma, will be a sought after destination this year. We have all heard about the beauty of Thailand, where a combination of culture and great food, sun and beaches and living it cheap amongst others, make it so popular. But it is Burma that might steal the show for those who like unexplored land – not for long though! Fifty new hotels are being built while Myanmar (as Burma is now officially known) prepares to host the sporting festival of the 27th South-East Asian Games in December. Sri Lanka has been gaining popularity with honeymooners and young travelers alike; it attracts those seeking peaceful landscapes, long stretches of white sandy shoreline, offering a myriad of opportunities for snorkeling and diving.  More of a travel wild card thanks to ‘Gangnam Style’, Korea has been a popular search recently. Forecasters are predicting many people will visit this medium-rise city which is best visited in spring or autumn.

South America

Rio de Janiero in Brazil will be a big hit with sports fans in the next few years with excitement escalating in the run-up to two major football tournaments – next year’s FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup, with the big one in 2016 – The Olympics.

North Africa

The 2012 conflicts  have put North Africa a little bit off the map when it comes to travelling yet Tunisia is still a popular ‘all-round sunshine and low cost of living in resort’. Morocco is also gaining in popularity, as it’s a country that combines, smells, colours, food, mountains, beaches, shopping and even partying!

New Zealand

Tourism officials are hoping that the new movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will inject a sense of interest in New Zealand, like The Lord of the Rings film trilogy provided. With its inspiring natural scenery and reputation for adventure breaks, New Zealand is gaining popularity with honeymooners and those seeking a nice long break during the festive holidays.

These are just a few places which forecasters are talking about for 2013.  We will be seeing more people opting for cruises and also skiing holidays as these have become more affordable. The average tourist is learning how to research for better deals over the internet and bringing any location at arm’s length. So where might you be travelling to this year? I’m starting off my year skiing in Val Gardena, Italy.