Post-Xmas Hair Care


The festive season is over now and hair that was treated with heavy chemicals such as hair colour, lighteners and other chemicals, may have been damaged. As we all know, there isn’t much time to give our hair a rest because Easter will soon be on our door step.

It is now time for us to organise our schedule for the next treatment because time flies. If your hairdresser is a busy person s/he would have a limited number of appointments available, so snap up yours to get your tresses ready for Easter!!


  • Book your hair treatment and a relaxing head massage.  The newly available Organic treatments with argan oil are the best on the market for hair that needs to be restored instantly.
  • If you use straighteners always use a thermal protective serum or spray, this will give you extra protection on your hair shaft and reduces the risk of damaging the hair.
  • When the treatment is done, set a date for your hair colour or other chemical service. This will give you ample time to think in advance for booking appointments for your nails, massage or other beauty treatments.
  • Always follow your hairstylist’s advice and use products that he or she suggests. A professional hair stylist knows best what’s suitable for your hair.