An upcoming model with plans and ambitions

Ailan Fava Ailan Fava

A 21 year old, 6’4 guy walked into the studio with pictures of him in his swimming trunks (OMG!) in his hand asking if it is possible to start modelling – the three women present, which happened to include myself and a friend of his, all stared at this handsome guy with the charming smile. It was September and he told me that even though he had just started modelling, he would like to give it a good shot. Undecided whether I should ask him to participate in an upcoming male model competition or not, I told him I would call him later for a full shoot instead. He showed up again four weeks later during a fashion party, introduced to me by another friend, telling me that he would like to take part in this competition. That is how Alain Fava’s journey started!

With determination, he said he will give the event his best, knowing very well that his competitors were experienced since many of them had a long track record at winning events, he said “I am going to work and train hard as I really wish to win. I want to make a hit even though I am new to the scene!”

On the 27th October Alain Fava won the Best Male Model of the World (Malta) 2012, beating twelve other well prepared guys and won the right to represent Malta in Best Model of the World in Turkey.

Alain was accompanied by Christine Mifsud the female representative for the event and together they spent a week rehearsing, enjoying the hospitality of Istanbul and working hard at making it to the top. 44 males and 44 females competed for the top prize.

On the 9th December Alain took part in this event where many of the routines are more acting based rather than the usual modelling we are accustomed to. Alain Fava placed 5th place out of 44, winning also the title of Best Gentleman!

Alain said, “It was an amazing experience and I would like to have the opportunity to travel more, as modelling on an international level is a totally different dimension from what we are used to in Malta. It’s a difficult industry to crack, but with hard work and determination, I will make it!”