Nail Your Party Look ~ Part 4: Tips

To conclude this series, here are some general tips to help you make the most out of this party season.

  •  › Good fitting underwear is a must so invest in good quality shape-wear and seamless undergarments to give yourself a nice silhouette and make sure the outfit looks flawless. Try and take suitable underwear with you when shopping so you can actually see how the dress will look.
  •  › Schedule your beauty appointments well in advance to avoid disappointment and book waxing appointments at least three days prior to the event to give your skin time to calm down.
  •  › Exfoliate face and body twice a week to keep dead skin at bay and have a beautiful, healthy glow. This will also help fragrance and make-up last longer apart from boosting circulation.

Most probably you will be carrying a small clutch bag at parties and events. Pack just the essentials so it will not be too heavy and if you have enough room, pack a stylish pair of foldable ballerina pumps.

And finally…treat your body and mind to a power nap prior to a night of partying. You will definitely need the energy!


Have fun and be safe this party season!