Four Different Toys For Amazing People

After a whole year of hard work, patience and pleasure I have a gift list that I wish to give away this Christmas with the intention of spreading wild passion more than ever!

Music ViBe –this vibrator comes with a station for ipod and its vibrations are based on the music’s rhythm.

I would like to give this one to friends who influenced me with their good taste for music, for whom music represents a lifestyle and is not just noise but influences every aspect of their lives.

We ViBe 3 – this babe has a fantastic design to stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot. It was specifically designed to be worn while making love.

I wish this gift to all couples who are not afraid of trying and discovering something new.

This fun toy has a play book with 33 exciting positions to inspire you! Still looking for a Christmas present?

I wish Lyla, a silent remote-controlled massager to my dear boss who would surely have better moods at work with Lyla’s 16 speed technology.

I’ve heard so much about Tenga EGG that I would really like to try it out! As this is physically impossible, I wish this masculine masturbator that simulates oral sex, to my close gay friend who shared with me all his experiences through this year. I have often envied his sexual experiences and for not having something else than what I have down there!

I hope this list inspired you, I’m looking forward to reviews!