How to fit in New Year’s dress after Xmas feast?

xmas lunch

Have you been worrying already on how would you fit your New Year’s dress? Everybody loves Christmas, but not everybody can refrain from overeating. No matter how much we eat during Christmas, New Year’s eve party is to show off with the perfect outfit.

Here I give you some tips how not to gain too many pounds before next year:

1.       Always have a glass of water around you. No matter what you eat or drink, sip water all the time. It will fill your stomach, so you eat less and will hydrate your body, so alcohol you’ll drink, does not give you a headache the next day.

2.       If you have a buffet party, choose a small plate. You will place less food at a time and you will need to walk more often to fill it up. Daily work out done!

3.       Park your car 10 minute walk away from the restaurant. I know it’s getting chilly out there, but even a short walk motivates your digestive system and speeds up your metabolism, so you burn calories quicker.

4.       Do not sit in the deepest corner of the table. You will be stuck there and without noticing you will eat for two…or three.

Following these simple rules will help you to fit in you dress without any problems.

So let’s enjoy the feast of season and welcome the New Year in chic!