Nail Your Party Look ~ Part 1: Decoding the Dress Code

December is here and with it come invitations to office do’s as well as family and friends gatherings. Before you get into panic mode to choose the perfect outfits and schedule beauty appointments, make yourself a cup of tea and take five minutes to read this.The aim of this mini-series to help you choose the right outfit for each occasion, starting with, of course decoding the most common dress codes for such events!

Black-Tie ~ this is more common for proms and graduation balls. It implies black tie (!) or bow tie and tux/suit for men, and long evening dresses or short cocktail dresses for the ladies. Take care to see if there are any special requirements for the night. A case in point, my graduation ball required a mask.

Lounge ~ this dress code implies lounge suits and cocktail dresses and generally require a dark matching suit and tie for the men with preferably black formal shoes and socks matching the suit colour. For the ladies, think pretty cocktail dresses in silk, satin or chiffon, nice sandals and a matching clutch bag. Accessorize with jewellery as you deem appropriate and top the outfit with a luxurious-looking coat/cape.

Smart-casual ~ the least formal of dress-codes, it is usually requested in family and friends get-togethers or maybe for a quick drink with work colleagues. Think casual blazer, wool v-neck and shirt/t-shirt paired with smart jeans and shoes for the men and shift dresses and heels for the ladies.

Coming up in Part 2…Choosing the right dress and accessories