Live and Let Live!

Last month was one of the busiest and most stressful months ever…. but oh boy did we have some fun. The MeAmChic Expo was one of the most well organized and beautifully set up events I have seen locally – those of you who didn’t make it missed out on some fab offers, great cup cakes and my favourite of course, the Nail Competition.

This was the first time that NailCompete was held and it went off without a hitch, providing a forum for local nail technicians to show their talent and be judged by a panel of foreign judges. I knew we had some very talented people here but I never expected to see such exquisite nail art, beautiful colours and true artistry.

A very well known local journalist, who has a blog, took the mickey out of this event and some people took it upon themselves to belittle ‘nails’ and the women who have their nails done. All I can say to that is shame on you all!! Had any of these people come to the competition, and/or seen the work that went into it all, the emotions that all the nail techs felt and the joy at winning or just participating, they may have had a different opinion… why do people pass comments and judgement on something they have not seen or experienced? What pleasure is derived by belittling others?