5 Ways to Spice Up Water


Fresh Fruit – Citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons and even limes are classic water enhancers. Other fruit such as raspberries or strawberries can tempt your taste buds.

Flavour – There are many ways to spice up water, adding flavour sachets such as cola, strawberry, peach or even sugar-free drink mixes.

Ice Cubes – No one said ice cubes couldn’t be fun. Play around with fresh fruit by simply cutting up fruit and then adding water to the ice cube trays.

Bubbly Water – If plain water just isn’t happening for you, then opt for Sparkling Water. Add lemon or lime to the mix and you’ll have a little healthy bubbly drink.

Fruit Juice – Any fruit juice is a great way to enhance the taste of water. Try to go for something with no added sugars and remember – fruit juices contain vitamins too which will benefit your health.

Stefy Puglisevich