Let’s Talk Hair – Winter Hair Care

The icy winds, low air temperatures and indoor heating can all be very stressful to our tresses. When winter comes knocking we should always invest in a good brand which can protect our hair and bring back its natural beauty. Treat your locks to regular spa treatments which could be easily carried out at home. All you need is a little time and a simple hair beauty regime to follow on a regular basis.

Start your treatment regime by shampooing your hair, rinse well and apply conditioner. Massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers applying a light pressure and your scalp will immediately feel relaxed. If your winter locks need extra intensive conditioning use a mask to turn your limp hair into beautiful and bouncy tresses. You can also experiment and create your own tailored treatment by adding some lipids such as argan oil to your mask. During the cold season our manes need a mixture of fat and moisture – it will definitely do the trick!

If your hair is naturally oily simply apply this conditioning treatment to the ends of your locks as otherwise your hair may look grubby.

For further TLC you may also opt for a warm towel wrap which includes wrapping your hair with the treatment on, in a warm towel and leaving in for some minutes. The warm towel will soften the cuticle of the hair making it easier for the ingredients and nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft, making your tresses silky to the touch!

Sara Caruana, My passion for hair.