Everyone enjoys the merry ambience during this time of year, and what better way to do this then getting your place jazzed up!This Christmas season we’re chucking out the greens and reds my friends, as 2012 is all about greys and whites. Even if not one speck of snow has fallen outside, it’s a white Christmas on the inside!

Let’s start with the most important aspect about Christmas, the tree! Green trees are the norm but if you want to try something different yet still keep your old tree; buy a can of white spray from your ironmongery and presto! You’ve now got a gorgeous tree full of snowy sparkle.

Once you’ve got the tree sorted its time to move on to the tree decorations. Keep them simple and elegant using mainly silver, white and grey. If you’re a little lost for decoration and need to get creative try using your own jewellery, possibly pearly necklaces and silver dangly earrings, they should do the trick!

Now we can move on to the rest of the home. To create texture we can include twigs from plants and put them in vases around the house – you can even make a twig wreath for your front door for a more wintery forest look and a reminder to passers by to put their decorations up too! Candles, rugs and imitation snow are all elements welcome with this look.

So now that your home’s got the sparkle you can start thinking about that Christmas dress..