This is what makes us girls (part3)

Lana Del Rey

–   Girls not knowing exactly what they want. Yes we are a confused sex and yes there are biological reasons for this but please, women out there, try to be more like the men. Simple, logical, coherent, not bitchy, verbalise exactly what you think rather than saying something and meaning the exact opposite, etc. Now revelation time – I have managed to attain a little of the latter by doing various things:

Watching TV series e.g. Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl

Reading books e.g. The Naughty Girls Guide to Life by Sharon Marshall, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

Reading magazines e.g. Cosmopolitan

Speaking to male friends re relationships (their perspective may give you a glimpse of the real picture if you are prepared to hear and see the crude truth)

Learning from what my exes told me rather than deleting them from my life entirely once they had decided to pack and leave and never return.

Hope that this article serves you in some way, and as I write this I automatically recall what a blissful year I had when I was happy being a gf and how the world seemed a better place to be in then. So please do try to give a guy a chance because life can truly be bliss even if it’s without the “always and forever” – although it is the “always and forever” that I want! In the interim, enjoy yourselves with the girls and listen to Lana del Rey if you relate to her song, as I do, driving away from yet another draining day at hospital to my empty apartment.

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