Sartorial Trend Spotlight – Leather

Look1 - Rock-Chic Look3 - The Coloured Leather Jacket Looks 2&3 Lace-Dark-Florals Look4 - Double Leather
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Not just for bikers and rock-stars anymore, leather gives a sexy edge to basic pieces in your wardrobe. Think mixing lace and dark florals with a pair of leather trousers or going for a more subtle approach by opting for a simple dress with leather details or panels. The choices are endless and I do encourage you to experiment with this trend. It can be quite difficult to pull off but don’t give up!

The most versatile pieces you can get are a good fitting pair of black leather trousers and a jacket; and this is how you can easily pull the look off!

Look 1: Rock-Chic ~ revamp a plain white shirt by giving it an edge with grunge-inspired accessories such as ear cuffs and studded accessories. Demi-tuck your shirt for style brownie points.

Looks 2 & 3: Lace/Dark Florals ~ toughen up a feminine piece such as a floral corset or lace cardigan for instant cool. Keep the accessories simple so as not to overwhelm the whole look.

Look 3: The Coloured Leather Jacket ~ the leather jacket is one endlessly versatile piece everyone should have in their wardrobe, be it for colour or styling… here I chose a dark green one to create this set and paired it with jeans, a comfy knit and flat boots for relaxed-chic. The scarf adds a feminine feel with the floral motifs and the ring tops off the look.

Look 4: Double Leather ~ for those brave enough to work the double leather look, here is a simple outfit idea… team a trusty biker jacket with a cute pair of leather shorts and a feminine top and shoes.