10 Tips – Style and Comfort in the air


One thing I like doing while travelling is observing people, and observing fashion. How can we be stylish and comfortable when we travel? How many shoes do I need to take? What accessories shall I wear to complete my travel look? Below find some tips which will help you travel in style while being comfortable:

  1. More often than not I like wearing leggings on the plane especially if its a long flight, they are surely more comfortable than jeans yet at the same time more chic then sweats. If you must fly in business attire or have a long-haul flight, I suggest you pack a pair of yoga pants and a comfortable jumper which you can wear for the duration of the flight, changing back into your stylish clothes just before the plane lands.
  2. The right jacket can finish off an outfit and look suitably stylish for the travelling fashionista. Opt for a blazer, a  leather or a jeans jacket, they are more versatile and robust. Long, cosy, comfy cardigans are also an option that will go well with leggings while they are easy to take off and put on according to the different temperatures from the gate to the plane.
  3. Always carry a pair of dark glasses in your hand luggage, they are a stylish winner when you land  looking knackered. All celebrities come out wearing them.
  4. A big fashion error I see travellers often make is wearing shoes that don’t match their outfits. The best combination of style and comfort are flat loafers or ballerinas, if you prefeer travelling in heels, make sure you slip a pear of foldable pumps in your carry-on bags and change into them accordingly.
  5. Always carry a pair of socks in your bag too. To avoid your feet from getting cold, choose socks that wick away moisture, such as Cool-Max® enhanced.
  6. Rememeber that nylon attracts heat and burns easily. I know that this might sound a bit too drastic but we must also think of the worst case scenario.
  7. If you like to wear an eye mask on the flight make sure you buy a fashionably acceptable one.
  8. Many people loose their expensive jewels while travelling. I highly recommend that you leave them back at home in a safe. Go for inexpensive costume jewellery, and instead of many necklaces opt for colourful scarves.
  9. Freshen up often, then walk off the plane with confidence in perfect looking clothes. People will wonder just how you manage to look good after a long flight.
  10. Last but not least, make sure you’ve always got your credit cards handy. If you loose your luggage, you can always buy a new wardrobe!