Your Do Re Mi to Love Making

Music is an important factor and does influence the performance of a sexual act… especially if the walls are thin.

The motivation for sounds expressed by women is “a conscious controlled opportunity to manipulate male behaviour to their advantage,” states a study from The University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, England, where tests were carried out on 71 sexually active couples.

Vocalizations during an orgasm seemed so natural before this information!

Statistics apart, to avoid disturbing the neighbours (unless intentionally), search for inspirational, rhythmic and relaxing music to play before, during and after having sex.

For this reason I propose a playlist based on requests from our EVE readers.

However, for the first post I would like to suggest more than only music, but a sexual game… Why don’t you bet a Nutella pancake breakfast from whoever makes the first sound during sexual intercourse… You might want to concentrate more on listening to the music… ah, bites are absolutely allowed!