Fashion recession

Jessica Biel

I was at the hairdresser this morning who introduced me to this new hair trend called Ombre, which has taken the hair colour world by storm.

A quick Google search shows the majority of the celebrities from Jessica Biel, Victoria Secret Models to the girl next door, are abusing of this hair colour trend. But what makes this trend so popular? This technique is definitely one for the low maintenance kind of girl, but is recession making this trend more popular as you don’t need to colour in the roots every month? Is recession changing fashion?

In a recent survey by VOGUE Magazine we find out how readers changed their mind about fashion as the recession has taken hold. The survey finds out how ‘die hards, who might be financially more stable than others aren’t really affected by this economically but more as a trend of paring back. They search out quality and are focusing on trusted, heritage brands.’ Other readers are buying more good quality items that will last longer instead of quantity. They shop for statement pieces, and also work with the Duchess’s way of recycling, re-using and re-mixing. People are surely seeking and waiting for sales . There’s no doubt that we’re shopping greener, and leaner than before – but we’ve all still got our eye on the trends. One thing is for certain, even though the times are tough, a woman stills wants to look good despite the recession thus the birth of new recession trends like the ombre hair.