Broken Hearted

Hi, I’ve been single for the past 4.5 months now, he left me without an explanation and I’m terribly in love with him… I try to go out with my friends and have fun but yet again I still remember about him with very little thing I do… He’s with another girl now… I wonder if he still thinks about me, after all we spent 3 years together… what can I do to forget him ?

Dear Broken Hearted Girl,

You need closure, you need to know why he left you. But are you ready for the answer? Seems he is quite an insensitive guy and most probably he will just tell you that he didn’t love you any more. And this will only make you feel worse.

Try to let it go, it will help you feel much better I promise. Do it for your own good. I know it’s difficult and three years is quite a long time so you have all the right to be sad.

You need to understand that if he left you this way and he is already in love with someone else, then it is clear that you deserve someone much better than that.

Get involved in a new hobby or a new project, this will help to put your mind off him, and in time you will feel better.

Time only will heal your pain, but remember that you are more worthy then someone that doesn’t give you an explanation after a three year relationship.


The Love Guru