Race for the Gate – the Latest Technology in Suitcases


Many of us have experienced walking (or running) miles and miles of long, neon flooded terminals, most of the time risking missing the flight. Have you pictured that scenario? Well worry no more, as Swiss Scooter designer Wim Ouboter together with Samsonite have developed what is commonly known as the Micro Luggage or Kick Scooter Luggage which is a scooter  that’s also a luggage.

Picture this scenario instead: you are short on time, you place your headphones in your ears, switch on your MP3, just two simple James Bond moves and you have transformed your case into a kickboard and you glide your way through, passing by the crowds, getting yourself right at the gate with no stress. Once you get there you just transform your scooter back to your case which can be easily fitted in the overhead compartment.

Have a look at the specifications of this conventional hard shell case . Micro Luggage MMML0001;

Weight: 5000g
Max Height: TBC mm
Wheel Dia: Front – 2 x 120mm / 87a
Rear – TBC
Bearings: Abec 5
Colour: Black & Silver
Rider Weight: Maximum 100 Kg
Max Case Capacity: 26 L
Aircraft Conformity: Permitted as Hand Luggage