5 things I don’t want for Christmas!

5 things I don't want for Christmas!
Source: www.timprobert.blogspot.com

The season for being greedy is just around the corner and what you hear mostly is people wishing for one thing or another.

I wish for things too, I’m only human – but instead of telling you what I want, I will tell you what I don’t want this Christmas!

  • A skinny Santa Claus!
  • Stress and panic in the shops – it’s very likely you’ll find me hiding in the changing rooms.
  • Extra weight from all the food and sweets. The will is there but so is the chocolate!
  • Returnable gifts – make it personal, not returnable!
  • Anyone complaining about my 24 track Christmas CD on constant 24/7 repeat!

There you have it – I will soon be back with my much longer and greedier version of the
What I want – list. Happy Holidays!