Pants Half Down

There’s nothing better than a “quickie” to spice up a relationship. It’s fun, can be dangerous and it’s been proven to be a powerful aphrodisiac. There isn’t a public place that’s totally safe for a quickie. But that’s why we love it! It is not safe, but it is possible!

The excitement of this surprising adventure is what makes it so special.

Women have a slower sexual response than men, so a quickie needs to be preceded by stimulation. Your partner might not work for Cirque du Soleil, but I’m sure you can guide him to use his mouth and both hands on separate parts of your body…all at the same time.

Mental preparation is also part of the stimulation. Fantasies and old memories are part of the game. I’m sure you remember some crazy old times…They should not be old anymore!!

Seduction is your friend in this practice. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate what you want your partner to do – ask, and allow yourself to pleasure and be pleasured.

Apart from those delicious love endorphins, you will automatically build up complicity since a quickie involves prohibited places or inappropriate hours. This “secret” makes your link stronger.

With a little creativity you will see that it’s possible to go certain places not yet explored…

How about the gym? Not a lot of clothes involved for working out, hot bodies around… Sounds like the shower is calling to you both!

The sales person is too busy with the Christmas shoppers? That’s perfect to try something new in the fitting room… just be sure to ask your partner’s opinion…

Parking lot, parties, kitchen, bathroom, the list is endless!!

After posting this article, the next time I go to the cinema, I hope I’ll find a couple at it on the last rows!

EVE readers what is your favourite place for a quickie?