This Is What Makes Us Girls (part1)

Lana Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls

I’m writing this before December comes along bringing with it loads of travelling, studying, events to attend etc. This Is What Makes Us Girls is a song of Lana del Rey and I just love listening to it as I’m driving back to my apartment after a day’s work. It brings about many pleasant memories of me and my girls, as well as the dating disappointments I have lived through in my 32 year existence.

On a Sunday night at my apartment, my best friend’s husband looked at us girls and said, “how is it that you are all single, when you are so pretty, successful, charming, nice girls?”

I was so shaken when he uttered these words that I felt everything else fading into the background. What was even more interesting were the reasons he thinks – and we girls think – single life has become our norm. Entering and exiting relationships with the species from Mars has become the order of the day.

I’m writing about this topic because 2012 has turned out to be very tough on me when it comes to relationships with the XY chromosomal homo sapiens and whenever I open my mouth about this topic it seems I’m not alone. Being an academic I want to portray you EVE readers a logical and exhaustive list of whys? So here they are. Some are not entirely my own so don’t blame me for everything and for jotting down the crude truth which at times hurts and makes us jitter in our comfort zone:

  • Maltese men have not evolved emotionally as much as the Maltese women – in every way. (Now all you men reading this article – if any – don’t disregard me please since I still dream of having a guy by my side!)
  • Being a successful career girl poses a threat to the average guy, who thinks he is better off with an average girl who won’t be threatening in any way
  • Sex is available so why commit oneself

 Check back next Wednesday for Part 2 of the article…