Winter & Humidity


I can’t stand this humidity any more and I dread to think of the winter ahead if it is anything like last winter which was cold and humid.. I think that humidity is something we will have to endure all year round. Nothing really dries it does it.. the mould on the wall laughs at you every morning even though you brushed it away yesterday… urgghh.. I think I need to get away for a bit, to re energize myself and dry up, LOL.. my clients come in every day complaining about their hair and what the humidity does to it.. thank God I don’t have that problem :) however, the weather does play tricks on how the products work and what you need to use to combat the effects of excessive moisture in the air. I hear you laughing and saying.. how on earth can the weather effect nails and products?? Answer.. in many ways, believe me. The worst problem with this weather is clients increased susceptibility to fungal infections on and in the nails!