Zombie Panda!


Have you seen the World War Z trailer? It seems the best way to make-up a zombie is to go heavy on the ‘panda eyes’! The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and this is why the first signs of tiredness, dehydration and ageing start to appear here before anywhere else.

From the age of around 20, one should start applying an adequate eye cream, although more often than not, this is not enough. Even when one has been careful to try to prevent this, the skin under the eyes might appear darker than the rest of the face, while the eyes appear to sink into a ‘hole’. The first line of defence for most people is to apply concealer which might just start to cover up the problem.

In the world of medical aesthetics, there are treatments available which can help improve these problems. The dark circles can sometimes be improved by drinking more water, but if this does not suffice, then certain de-pigmenting procedures exist. Needless to say these procedures should only be done by well trained doctors, after a lengthy and detailed consultation.

One of these treatments is the injection through very fine needles of fillers made of hyaluronic acid. This clear gel is hydrophilic  meaning that it absorbs water, so that the skin under the eyes appears fuller and the eyes seem to rise out of their deep socket. The face thus appears more refreshed. There is the possibility of swelling and bruising, and good after-care advise must be strictly adhered to, but within a few minutes this treatment can change the way a person feels about the way she or he looks!