When two adults decide to get married or live together they start a family. The family strengthens when children come into the picture. Having children can be easy to many while difficult for a few. What is certain for everyone is that having children will change their existing family life.

The changes will start as soon as the women discovers she is pregnant. The news itself can be overwhelming to the couple whether the baby was planned and even more if it wasn’t. Loads of feelings will overcome the couple. Feelings of joy, like wishing for a baby girl to dress up or a baby boy to watch football with, ways to decorate a room and babies names. There will also be feelings of fear which will trigger questions like: are we ready for a baby? Will the baby be healthy? Will we cope with work and the baby? Will the woman’s employer be cooperative? When the news starts to sink in and the happiness of a new creation sets in, all obstacles will start to look easier to handle. The reaction of the immediate family, friends and work colleagues is also important to have a wonderful experience !

Authored by: Mariella Scicluna