It’s about competency!

Most probably you have heard that the European Commission this week approved a draft law that could create a change in the whole set-up of our employment system. The proposal stipulates that by 2020 women will occupy 40 percent of non-executive seats on boards of companies  listed in the stock market.

The proposal is still way too far from being approved. The European Parliament and the European Council are still in discussion and evaluating the scenario. Powerful chancellor Angela Merkel is not very happy about this proposal…

Most of the women I meet had a career that ended before it actually began… So here are the facts by the European Commission: Statistics show that only 13.5 percent of representatives on corporate boards are women.

Not in Malta though! 97% of board members in Malta are men! Too much testosterone in one room!

It’s time for a closer look to investigate what would be better for society and the changes we are about to face.

Is it fair to give women preference? A new selective process is suggested in the proposal to ensure that men are not negatively affected…

Share your opinion, are you in favour of gender quotas?