Is it the real thing?…Identifying a fake MAC lipstick

MAC Lipstick
MAC Lipstick

MAC lipsticks have an excellent reputation and consequently they are very sought after and praised by established make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts alike.  However, not everyone wants to pay €18 (or more) for a single lipstick.

This is why many people fall into the counterfeiting trap from online sellers claiming to sell genuine MAC products when in reality they would be just cheap imitations.  This post aims at helping you identify if you are truly getting a genuine MAC lipstick or… a rip-off!

  • First things first: look closely at the listing if you are buying online. If the item were really genuine, the seller would take time to write down the details such as the collection it was part of etc… Also, the price usually gives an indication.  If it is too good to be true, then the product is probably a fake. If on the other hand, the item is expensively priced, skip it altogether and get the real thing for much less when you get the chance.
  • A word about the packaging. Real MAC lipsticks have very fine silver shimmer all over and they have a matt finish.  On the other hand, fake ones would have an overload of shimmers and a glossy finish.  Moreover, fakes are typically a bit bigger and the silver lettering is just printed not engraved and they tend to be lighter in weight.
  • Looking at the bottom label, a real MAC lipstick would have the type of finish, the name and the number as well as the country of origin i.e. Canada. Fakes usually just have a number and occasionally the lipstick name but no finish type.
  • The inside lettering would be identical to the outside if the product is real (right) and it would be positioned lower than the lettering on a fake lipstick would. Furthermore, it won’t rub off.  The same applies for the silver paint on the inside.
  • Lastly, the smell. You would recognize a genuine MAC lipstick over a fake one from the sweet vanilla scent.

To sum up, be careful when buying make-up online where you cannot see and feel the product in your hands. Fake make-up can do untold damage to your skin so be diligent and do your research in advance. Happy shopping!