The 15kg weight dilemma – Packing Light(er)

The 15kg weight dilemma - Packing Light(er) Tip 1: Lists. Tip 4: Packing to Save Space

How do you pack the essentials for your holiday, without getting charged that budget airline overweight fee? Here are some tips to follow for the holiday season.

I can’t say I have been a master of this for long, but over the years I have learnt how to pack lighter, and when you pack lighter you travel easier too, and you can still grab a bargain on the way home! So here are some of my ‘put into practice’ tips, that will help you maneuver this technique.

Tip 1: Lists. Scribble down the days and activities of your holiday I found this to be very useful, as once you have the day-to-day list, you can jot down your ideal outfit for all the occasions. Please do try these outfits the day before you leave, so you make sure you have the right bag and accessories to match and this way you can avoid the panicky ‘last minute toss’ (or tosses). Always have an allowance of 2 extra outfits ‘just in case’.

Tip 2: Pack Less Shoes. You don’t really have to take a pair of shoes to match every outfit! Seriously! Pack the so-called ‘safe’ shoes that will match with many of your outfits, and this will give you more space for accessories, which will surely keep your outfit varied at all times, while being stylish and saving on space. Shoes take up too much room and are heavy, whereas accessories are smaller and weigh much less!

Tip 3: Mini Toiletries. A friend of mine taught me this. Every time she buys any skincare product she always asks for samples, pretending she wants to try the eye gel or the mask of the same brand bla bla but actually she collects these samples for when she travels. It surely saves space instead of carrying a huge ‘instant youth in a tub’. You could also save some space by buying your essentials once you get there (unless you are going somewhere very raw).

Tip 4: Packing to Save Space. Pack diligently. Don’t just easily fold your clothes and plonk them in your bag. Roll your clothes since this takes up less space. And do put your accessories in a small bag and put them in your shoes or in your small going out clutch bags.