Dr Drenth part 2

When people ask me what kind of work I am doing and tell them I’m a psychiatrist I still get regular questions about the difference between psychiatry and psychology. Actually psychiatrists and psychologists could be working sometimes with exactly the same type of patients. So what is the difference then? A psychiatrist is at first a medical doctor. During medical school he/she learned the ins and outs of physical illnesses just as any other medical specialist would have done. During his specialisation he/she would then focus on the diseases in mental health. A psychologist would start out during his/her psychology studies to learn everything there is to know about normal human behaviour and from there start to learn about behavioural problems and where those problems would become diseases. In general a psychiatrist would be the one who would be formulating a medical diagnosis. And he/she is allowed to prescribe medication such as antidepressants. A psychologist would be making a behavioural assessment and provide psychotherapeutic treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In an ideal situation psychiatrists and psychologists should be working together in a team to provide the best level of care for people with mental health problems.