What to Wear: When you are invited to a wedding of a close relative or friend

Wedding attire ages 18-25   Wedding attire ages 25-40  Wedding attire ages 40+

You are invited to a wedding, and you are confused as to what to wear. Ẁhat’s appropriate, what’s too much, what’s too casual… These are the first questions that pop into our minds.

Today we are going to tackle what to wear when you are close to the couple. When you are the bride’s best friend or a close relative whose not in the bridal party, but you still want to look your best. On this occasion you can afford to take it up a notch.

  1. The first example is for ages between 18 – 25. These girls are young and fun, and they afford to experiment more with colours and lengths.
  2. The second example is aimed towards ladies between 25 – 40. You are becoming mature, your taste has refined and you are aiming for a classy and elegant look but you want something that is still fashionable.
  3. The third and last example is aimed for the 40+ ladies. Elegance is the key, usually this generation prefers dark colours and a design that is more simple. Lengths preferred are below the knee or longer.

Remember that these are general rules and you may not like them, therefore make sure that whatever you wear is about YOU and not the majority  – so always aim to be comfortable in what you wear and have fun with fashion!