Madison Gregory: US artist’s first solo show in Malta

Amelie Madison Gregory, Artist
'Amelie', oil on canvas, by Madison Gregory - Credit: Madison Gregory

I met Madison at an art gallery in Sliema a few days ago. He is not the typical introvert artist, but very expressive about his thoughts and methods.

“It all started with the CHIVE”, he said, “- a widely popular entertainment website. I submitted a photo of my ‘Dumb and Dumber’ work to the site, and got a reply within 10 minutes.” His works instantly gained popularity and has sold a large number of prints since then. Oil is his medium.

This American artist excels at depicting film stills, some primary examples of which are his Bill Murray portrait from ‘Lost in Translation’ called ‘Where the Hell is the Whiskey’, and his ‘Jesus Taunts Walter’ from ‘The Big Lebowski’. “I like to connect with my audience and I do this by painting scenes from movies that I have watched with someone. You always watch a big movie with someone.”

Madison chooses his best moments to paint positive things, reserving working time for particular moments. “I can’t be sad or angry, but calm… focused.” The process takes off by painting for his own satisfaction, and ends with the audience in mind. He compares his painting act to that of playing an instrument. If played out of tune, the audience will pick it up straight away. Same with his pictures – he needs to feel they are ready to present, and knows this once he has scanned every inch of his canvas.

His works, including his first series of abstracts, will be displayed at Lily Agius Gallery in Sliema throughout December.