What To Wear: Wedding of an Acquaintance

 Sophisticated Glamour  Smart and Bright Minis  Mature Elegance

We are often invited to weddings of people that we don’t really know. Your partner’s colleague, or a cousin whose face you barely remember. I think these are the most common wedding invites we receive. So today I am going to guide you on what to wear for these occasions.

For the girls between 18-25 years I suggest a smart & bright mini dress. Never go for jeans or shorts on these kind of occasions. (Smart and Bright Minis)

For ladies between 25-40 I suggest something similar to the images above. Remember, it’s a wedding, so don’t wear the same dress you’d wear to go for a pizza on a Saturday night. On this occasion you can go for a long gown but try to find something that is not too fancy when you are not close to the couple (Sophisticated Glamour)

For the 40+ ladies I chose these elegant outfits. Looking fashionable can be easily achieved by choosing an appropriate gown for your age and body type. (Mature Elegance)