Retro is the Look… Retro is the way

retro pretty pattern classic red with retro polka twist retro edgy style

I think that as a world, we have learnt some valuable lessons in the very recent years and past months… we were decadent and living beyond our means; we lost sight of the purpose of existence, the planet and nature.

We are learning to do with less. Less is more… or maybe we are learning to live more responsibly. The fashion world is also reflecting this general mood and as is the norm, fashion seems to work like a wheel, getting inspiration from the past and reproducing it in a modern, fresh, new way.

We are looking to the 70’s for inspiration in 2013 and it has already started this autumn. Retro is the look… retro is the way. And the same goes for the world of nails. Nail art is a feature of your outfit (if you like it), and the ‘in’ art is all retro looks, lines, circles, patterns… French is still out but let me clarify, French has always been a popular option, its just that for years it dominated and now it is boring. Versions of the standard French can be done to vamp it up.. ask your nail tech if you want to go down that path. If you want to keep up with the trends, forget French, think colour, strong colour. Short natural looking nails are classy and look good for any occasion, and all colours dark or light, look good on short nails. In fact, if like me you like the ‘noir’ collections, these are best on short nails. On the other hand for those of you who love long nails… go for light colours, subtle colours.

For those of you who love natural nails, there are many ‘effect polishes’ available such as crackle, magnetic and matt effect. These can be used on all nail polishes and give you a nail art finish quite easily when used properly. We will go into the different effects and how to apply it in later blogs and if there is anything you want to find out more about, ask me and we will do a review on them. In the meantime, when buying nail polishes, don’t always go for the cheapest.. it is a false economy. Quality nail polishes last longer and give better results. Professional level polishes are available to buy from chemists and beauticians, it is just a question of knowing your brands. Cheap polishes tend to dry up very fast in the bottle and end up being thrown away, whilst large bottles of polish are never used in their entirety so they are a waste of your money. Small bottles 8ml or 9ml are better and by spending less you can have a larger variety of colours.