With The Lights ON!


So you get out of bed like a hurricane, that 180 degrees move previously practised and on the way to the toilet, the famous “moonwalk” to hide your.. Well, we all know what you do want to hide from him… You want to hide your human body from his eyes! Not less human than yours.

I’m sure he won’t reprove you, give you a zero, make you feel bad about your body. He is not a body judge or a critique on certain human parts! You shouldn’t prevent him from small pleasures! (We all dropped memberships at the gym… more than once.)

He still thinks you are hot even when you do walk out of the script for a moment, sleeping with make-up after that party, or when you wore that old t-shirt from high school.

What about that old panty? Show him, make fun of it, laugh together until he proposes to remove your old panty..with his teeth.

We all carry histories on our bodies, it’s time to reveal them all and together discover pleasures hidden in the darkness of the bedroom. So why not start by lighting up, get on top, looking at his eyes, do it in front of the mirror!

Remove all uncomfortable, unnecessary clothes and together know the feeling of looking perfect.