What To Wear: Autumn / Winter Maternity Style

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The majority of women would like to get pregnant at least once in their lives, but when we do and we see our body growing so rapidly it is a bit alarming. Nothing fits, nothing is comfortable enough. Thank God nowadays we have a lot of maternity stores where we can pick clothes especially designed for the pregnant body. But unfortunately these kind of collections are usually a bit expensive, so today I will give you a couple of basic rules on what are the ideal pieces to buy during your pregnancy.

The first thing to pop out is the belly of course, so you will definitely need comfortable trousers. Above, is a picture of a basic black trousers, leggings and jeans. They are all designed to accommodate your growing belly, and you can use them till the end of your pregnancy as they are adjustable. You will most probably even use them for a couple of weeks after the birth too! (Image: Maternity Trousers)

Also, get a couple of comfortable tops, maternity wear will be your best option but I am sure you will find something that you like, and that will fit, that is not maternity wear. You will just need to buy it a couple of sizes larger and make sure the material is stretchy. (Image: Maternity Tops)

During this time you will feel warmer than usual, thus you will wear lighter shirts. That’s when you will need the cardigan  to take out with you just in case you feel cold. (And believe me, with all those hormone changes your temperature and mood will change quite often!!)

Find a smart jacket also, just in case you are invited to a special occasion or for during the Christmas period. (Image: Coats and Cardies)

Dresses are comfortable, and you will need comfortable! So it won’t be a bad idea to get two nice dresses. You can mix and match them with the cardigans, and a pair of boots to create different looks. (Image: Smart and Casual Essentials)

To spice up your outfit and still feel that you are in fashion, don’t forget to add current accessories.

When it comes to shoes there are no basic rules, just wear what you are comfortable in. You might find that wider heels give you better support.

And remember that although Jessica Simspon still got to wear killer heels, even though she looked like she is going to explode any minute, you don’t have to.

Just make sure you and your baby are safe, because during this delicate time that is the most important thing! (Image: Trendy Accessories)

Here are some celebrity style suggestion from www.maternityandstyle.com (Image: Fashionable Preggar Celebs)